How long will she stay dead?

A beautiful, poetic and intimate conversation about the big questions

Mozart’s famous and loved Requiem has been reworked by a klezmer quartet consisting of the region’s foremost musicians in this area. When they arrange to meet Mozart it is an exciting encounter that highlights unsuspected playful sides in the music. Together with four professional singers from the Ensemble SYD, and newly written lyrics, How long will she be dead? (Hur länge ska hon vara död?) aims to initiate a beautiful, poetic and intimate conversation about the big questions. Mozart’s music exposes emotions and senses in order to shine the spotlight, in a therapeutic way, on the large and conflicting emotions that can exist in a child.

The production How long will she be dead? is led by the Ensemble SYD and UNGA Musik i Syd. The Artistic Director is Daniel Hansson, who is Malmö University’s Director of Music, and Åsa Mälhammar is responsible for the directing and libretto. The show was inspired by a case report by child psychologist Elisabeth Cleve. In a collaboration between the Ensemble SYD, the record company Footprint Records and via UNGA Musik i Syd’s High-Quality Recordings development project, a CD has also been produced, and this received a Grammy nomination!

Read about the CD on the Footprint Records website