FEATURE Tami Tamaki & Doron Sadja

Future Legends


Tami Tamaki (SE)

Tami Tamaki first performed her dirty-romantic lyrics, dance floor beats and glittery show for Swedish audiences in 2014, not least with her “I Never Loved This Hard Before”, as heard in Ester Martin Bergsmark’s acclaimed film “Something must break.” With naked and honest lyrics she sings about love and sex without embellishment. It is direct and heart-wrenching, delightful electronic melancholy with pink shimmers and pulsating longing.


Doron Sadja (US)

“Doron Sadja gives life to music that is difficult, powerful, intense and delicate – all at the same time.” //Touching Extremes

Doron Sadja is an American artist, composer and curator. His work explores the perception and experience of sound, light and space. His oeuvre spans from immersive sound works to provocative performances and installations, laser and projection performances and stroboscope and mirroring reflections. He creates poetic and magical universes of light, colour and sound in his works, in which time ceases to exist.

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