FEATURE Lelo Nika Trio

Listen to Lelo Nika Trio, Josefine Cronholm and Melissa Coleman

FEATURE Trumattack! Why percussion instruments?

What does the professor say? Interviews with Drum Attacks artistic

FEATURE Trumattack! Behind the Scenes

Meet the people behind the scenes Go behind the scenes,

FEATURE Malmö Chamber Music

Remember and be inspired Voices and moments from Malmo Chamber

FEATURE Sofia Karlsson & the Grand Guitar Orchestra

An interview with Sofia Karlsson about Musikriket

FEATURE Malin Broman

Interview with Malin Broman, Musica Vitaes Artistic Director

FEATURE MalleusIncus

An interview with MalleusIncus and Tobias Broström

FEATURE Come Together

Interview with artists, Staffan Olander and Martin Martinsson

FEATURE How long will she be dead?

Hear about the thoughts behind the children’s concert
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